Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Road Trip Day Seven: More Oregon, going into California

This day would be another fun one with a dream coming true for Madeline.
We started out with breakfast at our hotel.

After leaving town we stopped at another lighthouse and whale watching area... we did not see any whales. 
The weather was much better today. 

At our hotel I saw a brochure for a wildlife place where you could go in and pet baby animals. 
Madeline really wanted to go. 
We passed it on highway 101 so we pulled over and I took Madeline in. 
Abi wasn't really interested and neither were my parents and it was kind of pricey so I just took Maddy in and they waited in the car. 
When we first went in we were approached by a bunch of deer hoping for some food. We didn't buy any of the deer/ goat food though so we just walked right by them. The goats and deer actually kind of scared Maddy.

We were here for other reasons.
Thankfully, the bobcat was out right when we got in there so we hurried to the line.
It was a "baby", only a few months old but still pretty big.
As we waited in line for her turn to go in and pet it she was so excited.
She looked at me and said, "This is more exciting than Christmas!"

Madeline is our little animal lover, like I was as a kid. She especially loves all kinds of cats, big and small so this was amazing to her. 
On our turn we went in and she sat down and got to play with it for a few minutes. 

Then the handler had it stand on a stump and she got to pet it. 

She was so happy. 
After we left the area we noticed they had a baby black bear out at another area. 
We quickly got in this line and soon it was our turn. 
This little guy was so dang cute. 
I loved him.

I had such mixed feelings... hoping the animals are treated well here and still loving that we could experience it.
After petting the bear we went and looked at the other animals that were in their cages at the moment.

As we walked back past the experience area they had a baby snow leopard out. 
This one was even younger than the bobcat but was much bigger. They wouldn't let us in with it this time but we were able to watch it walk around and learn about it.

So pretty....

Maddy found a little friend...

Maddy wanted a stuffed animal when we were done. They didn't have one of a bobcat like she wanted so she picked out a cheetah. 
She also picked out this beanie boo for Abi and we got some candy for my parents to thank them for being willing to wait for us the entire time.

Next stop was another beautiful lighthouse...
Cape Blanco

Still didn't see any whales... but we spotted a whale shaped rock. 

Then more driving south on highway 101

We stopped at this beach and walked out to look for agates. It was a lot of fun.

More pictures along the way...

Pretty soon we were crossing into California. 

We were staying in Crescent City. 
They told us to bring all of our things into the hotel as the cars sometimes get broken into along the highway... so you didn't have to tell us twice. 
We emptied absolutely everything into our hotel.

Then we set out to see some Redwoods. 
My GPS took us a back way on a very treacherous road so we soon turned around and followed some road signs that we had seen on our way into town instead. 

The second area was much cooler with a spot to park and walk on a little trail to some huge trees. 

This was an area where they filmed some of the Star Wars movies. 

We then went back into our town and drove over to the lighthouse.

We were told that the beach in this town was a good place to find sand dollars, which Maddy really wanted, so we walked along the shore. It was a harder beach to get to and there wasn't anything. 

We went to a little restaurant close to our hotel that was rated well to have some fish and chips for dinner. 

Maddy was not a fan. 

I actually didn't get any. I wanted a salad. Maddy got a grilled cheese sandwich instead and just tried some of grandpa's. 

Once again, some great things were done this day!


The Kings said...

Fun place and cute. I wanted fish and chips so got it but I think the fish at Artic Circle is better;-{...but we had the experience!

The Kings said...

The ride was fun seeing all the lighthouses. I got a nice piece of driftwood to bring home from the beach. And I am so glad Maddy and you got to go see the animals...such a special experience for her!