Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our April/ May update not including the road trip...

The day before the road trip (see previous posts) was my 40th birthday!
Madeline drew this for me....

Abigail drew this for me....

I didn't want to have a cake or anything so I just bought a box of these...

My gifts from Doug: 
Malfoy, Umbridge, Fred, and George Funko Pops...
as well as new copies of the Emily series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. 

The day after the road trip I let the girls skip school (the entire trip was during spring break so they hadn't missed any school for it) to relax and we went to the library.

The girls said they wanted to be able to see on a map everywhere they have traveled. 
So I bought these large, adorable maps from target online. 
They stick right to the wall and are easily taken off or moved. 
I also found a package of map pins at Target that just happened to have our favorite colors so I bought those. 
I hung both maps on the wall near our playroom and then put a pin in each state/ country we have been to. 
Since we haven't all been to the same places we color coded it with the favorite colors. 
Everywhere I have been has a yellow pin, Doug's are orange (though in the pictures they kind of look pink too), Abi's are pink, and Maddy's are blue. 
I am so glad this idea came up because I LOVE it!

Doug found a really nice violin at DI. It didn't have a bow with it but came in a nice case. 
He visited a music shop to buy a bow and resin and we have all enjoyed playing around with it. 
We are going to try to rent one that is Maddy's size as it is too big for her and have both girls take lessons.

Maddy had a school program. It was really cute. 

Afterward my parents took us all to ice cream. 

Maddy wanted a dilly bar and a smoothie and, it's my parents, so they got her both.

Doug finished my second stained glass- one for the Hunger Games series. 

My mom took all the girls in our family (my sister and I, my sisters in law, my nephews' wives, my nieces, and my girls) out to lunch for Mother's Day. 

Doug's team at work had a one night getaway at a cabin in Park City. The girls stayed with my parents and Doug and I had fun going away for a night. 

Maddy had an accident at school. She seriously collided with another girl at recess. The other girl's forehead hit the side of Maddy's head and then Maddy hit the back of her head on the cement. Hard.
It was horrible.
Luckily it didn't split but we had to watch her for a few days for signs of a concussion.
Luckily she seemed okay.
This was the day of the crash.

It was really hard to see the bump under her hair but if I did this with her hair you could see how far it stood out.

The bump and bruise on the ear the next day...

Abi had a few projects at school. One of them was a circuit city where all the kids came up with part of the city. It all lit up. 
Abi worked with her friend Kaitlin on this bakery. 

Maddy didn't go back to school until the last day. I went with her at recess to keep an eye on her and keep her safe. We had a lot of fun hanging out on the grass. 

Finally, I found this picture on my camera roll....

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