Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Little Ladies Club: Cake Wars

It has been too long since we did a Little Ladies Club activity and the girls came up with the idea of doing a Cake War. They wanted to each be able to make their own cake- every step. 
So we decided to do this the week after they got out of school. 
I let them pick out their cake mix and frosting at the store. 
Abi picked a funfetti cake mix. Maddy picked chocolate. 
I let Abi mix hers up first. 

While Abi's cake baked, Maddy began mixing hers. 

Abi baked hers in our Pinkie Pie cake pan and Maddy did hers in two round pans. 
When Maddy's was done she used one circle for her cake and then cut ears out of the other circle. 
We let their cakes cool completely and I did the only part that I did for them.... I mixed up the colors because I didn't want them to use my fancy food coloring quite yet. 
As soon as they were ready to frost they began to decorate. 

The finished cakes- they were so happy!

The funniest thing was that they didn't want me and Doug to say "Oh- it's a tie!" so we had to make a list of a few things for us to vote on. I wrote down skill, taste, texture, creativity, and presentation on a voting sheets for Doug and I. We both gave scores of 1-10. We gave completely different scores. I added them up... and it was a tie! It was really funny. 


Donna said...

That is such a fun idea. Their cakes came out great. Sam would love Maddy's Pikachu cake!

The Kings said...

What a great activity for the girls to do...and they did such a great job! I am glad they shared a little with me and grandpa. They not only were adorable (the cakes and the girls!!) but were delicious too!