Friday, October 10, 2014

Recycling Outing

My brother-in-law Dan works for Metro Group. It's a recycling company and in fact most of my family, including me, have worked there at one point or another. 
We have been collecting our soda cans for the last 4-5 months and finally had a bag full. We asked Uncle Dan if we could come drop them off and he offered to give the girls a tour. 
They were pretty excited and Abi was doing it for a project as well. 
First we toured his new building which is HUGE. When I worked there it was a very small office. 
Then he took us out to the can drop off where they let the girls put the bags on the scale and then gave us a slip.
We took that to the office and got $1.06! Haha. They also gave the girls little magnets. 
Dan then gave us hard hats and we went on a tour of the building and grounds. It was very interesting.

Dan and the girls toward the end of the tour. 
They really had a great time. 
Thanks Dan!


Donna said...

That's cool. I'm a recycling nut! I love it and am probably too militant about it sometimes. :)

The Kings said...

So glad Uncle Dan made it a special outing for the girls!