Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Princess Pageant part two

Maddy was in the second group to go on stage. 
She was a little more shy and quiet than normal but so adorable. 
The lady from the news (I can't remember her name) was the host again. She is really good with the kids.

Abi's group was the second to last. She did much better than last year although you could still tell she was nervous. But honestly, I find it AMAZING that my shy, reserved girl gets up in front of that many people to do this.

some pictures I put on Instagram that day. 
Maddy waving to the judges...
Abi getting asked a question...

Of course they didn't win.. but they had fun.
After the pageant was over we went and played on toys some more.

I LOVE this picture.

The girls did the little kid corn maze and then we went into the BIG corn maze. 
I let Abi be in charge and she led us through the whole thing really well.

After the maze we picked our pumpkins and headed out to lunch. 
This makes me laugh because they could get the pumpkins as big as the one Abi has but Maddy picked the teeniest one. It was quite perfectly shaped though.
And then Abi got this pumpkin she loved... but wouldn't hold it properly because it was making her hands dirty.


The Kings said...

Thanks for sharing! I see that Abi was a good leader in the big maze! you guys didn't get lost forever! :-)

Christine Van Wagenen said...

Loved the pictures! The cornmaze looks so fun...the smile on the girls beautiful faces tells the story of a very happy outing.
Cheryl, you are an amazing mother to such fun activities with your sweet daughters.