Sunday, October 19, 2014

October conference

Conference snuck up on me somehow this year. 
We missed Saturday session so while we were out I grabbed a few things for the Sunday session.
We made a fort in the family room for the girls and they started the morning session with Bingo cards and Reece's Pieces. 
They each picked out around $10 worth of stuff at Target when we were out on Saturday that they could earn. 
Abi picked a small Lego set, a Littlest Pet Shop set, and a MLP eraser set that had Pinkie Pie and Rarity in it. That way she could earn the Pinkie and Maddy could earn the Rarity. 

Maddy picked a small Lego set, a Pet Shop blind bag and then the Rarity eraser.
They earned them by getting Bingo's/ Blackout and answering questions about the talks.
This was actually the best Abi has ever listened and paid attention so it was a success!
We FINALLY got them bunk beds the week before and they were having so much fun with their fort that they turned their beds into one as well that night.

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The Kings said...

Very cute and great activities for conference.