Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks

They released the new My Little Pony movie (limited release) in theaters a few weeks ago. The girls were really excited to go. 
I made them some hair bows with ribbon, hot glue, and mini bag duplicates. 
Abi was wearing head to toe MLP.
No kidding. 
MLP hairbow, shirt, pants, panties, socks, shoes, watch, and purse!
Lately she has changed her favorite pony to Pinkie Pie so she asked for a Pinkie Pie bow.

Maddy is not as into ponies as Abi is but her favorite is Rarity so I made her a Rarity bow.
Although she doesn't look it, she really was excited too!

We were first at the theater and got to pick our seats wherever we wanted and we had a great time!

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The Kings said...

The pictures are so cute and the girls look excited to see the movie!