Friday, October 10, 2014

Park City

A few weeks ago we were able to spend a night up in Park City at the condo timeshare that Doug's parents have each year. They are in Hong Kong but we were still all given the chance to spend a night there. 
It was awesome. 
We had the whole suite to ourselves this year and we spread out like crazy. 
Abi had come home sick on Friday (with pink eye. Uch.) and so it was nice to spend Sunday somewhere she could continue to rest and relax and then we had her stay home from school on Monday so we could spend the day at the condo and we could make sure she was sufficiently better. 
To the condo:
This place is actually bigger than where we live. I am not joking. 
So we felt like we were living in luxury. 
It had a full kitchen in the main living area between the two rooms. So we brought food and were able to make our meals.
dining area
The girls bedroom was attached on one side. It had a big bed, a sofa bed, a mini kitchenette, their own tv, and a full bathroom.
This is back in the main room again. It had the kitchen, the dining room, a big entry area, and this family area with couches, fireplace, window seats,and tv.
The door off to the left is the one to the girls room. Our room is off to the right.
Another shot in the girls room.
The view was of a little stream below.
Our room had a big bed, a huge jacuzzi tub, another tv, a sink/ vanity area, and another full bathroom.

Sunday evening we went on a long stroll around town.

Looking up at our room from below...

Monday was one of the best mornings I've had in a long time. It was actually cold enough to put on the fireplace and I was able to sit in a cozy chair under a blanket and read for a couple of hours. So nice!


Donna said...

What a nice place! I remember how fun Park City was when I lived in Utah. Fun little weekend getaways like that are the best.

The Kings said...

So nice! I bet you did enjoy the extra room and nice place to stay. Everybody looks HAPPY!