Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Princess Pageant part one

The girls asked me if they could do the Pumpkin Princess Pageant at Cornbelly's again this year. 
I was a little surprised that they wanted to do it again but thought- sure. They get in free if they are part of the pageant as well as getting free wands, cupcakes, and pumpkins. 
Their outfits were easy.
They wore what they wore last year. 
Not kidding.
Okay. So I am not a good pageant mom. 
I added a Halloween tutu like skirt that Abi got at Kid to Kid this year to her outfit and they both wore some pumpkin hair clips I made a few weeks ago. 
But other than that they looked the exact same. Haha.
I am glad we did it that way. Once again I was blown away by the moms yelling at their little girls about the right way to wave and smile and pose. Some were fine but man were there some families that could have been on toddlers and tiaras. 
When we first arrived at Cornbelly's the girls played for awhile before check in. 
They loved this giant rocking chair. 

They wanted to do the cutout picture but both of them wanted to be Dorothy... so they took turns.

the princess bounce house...

swinging... maddy is on the other side of the plane...
And Maddy pretended to drive Abi around in this giant carriage...

having tea in the little pumpkin house...

And probably their favorite thing- little bike races.

playing pretend...

The last few minutes before check in Maddy danced on the stage.

Then we checked in. Maddy got nervous at this point so I stayed with her in line. 
I love this picture I took looking down at her and the little girls around her. 

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