Thursday, October 30, 2014

Random october

Some of the things that have happened over the past few weeks: 

Even though I have had a huge jar of perler beads from Ikea for almost a year I have never got around to doing them with the girls.
We went to the library for a perler bead activity and that is where they played around with them for the first time. 
Since then it has been a Perler revolution at our house. Perler beads everywhere. And Perler creations everywhere!

They had the costume fitting at Maddy's dance class. 
I love this picture because although it is blurry you can see the excited face that Maddy's friend is making at her. She was super excited. 
Maddy had to wear a size too big because she is the tallest in the class. 
I thought that was funny because she is at least half a foot shorter than Abi was at that age and we always think of her as the teeny one... and then she gets around other kids and she is still tall. 
How did we have tall kids?? :)

I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook. 
I got out of the car one afternoon after picking up Abi from school and I just looked up at the tree that we park under. 
It just struck me how beautiful it was so I snapped this picture with my camera. 
No filter.
It is one of my favorite nature pictures I have ever taken I think. 
I love fall.
I had parent teacher conferences for Abi. She seems to be doing well. 
I snapped the above picture of the haunted house that she drew. 

Maddy wearing her glasses she got in a happy meal after a lunch with friends.
And Abi lost another tooth. 
When I went to look at it in the little box I found that she had left it like this on a note to the tooth fairy.
It says:
"Dear tooth fairy,
You are so kind to give me money for each tooth I lose so I would like to say thank you. 
Awwww. I love it.

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The Kings said...

Loved all your photos! I thought the letter from Abi to the Tooth Fairy was really special! Maddy looks so cute in her dance outfit! She is tall!