Friday, June 13, 2014

The Move

It has been almost two weeks in our new place and I am still not done getting it together. But it is getting close and I have a feeling that once I find a home for everything(and spray for spiders) we will be very happy in our cozy little space.
Our move was very crazy. 
Doug picked a day to move everything in that was a week before our actual move in date so that I could try to get it move in ready before we brought the girls. 
In theory, it was a really good idea. But I was only able to come up for a few hours a day because of the long 45min - 1 hour drive each way and Abi's school schedule. 
I was still able to get beds in and our family room set up though so that was good. 
Our move in day ended up being the worst day for it as no one could help. 
My parents asked what they could do and I told them the best thing they could do would be to let us leave the kids there. 
So they watched the kids and Doug and I picked up the truck. 
I followed Doug over to our storage unit. It was raining like crazy and we said quick prayers that it would let up. And it DID!
It was just the two of us loading up the truck from the storage unit so we were already dirty and worn out by the time we were heading for the new place. 
But then little miracles kept happening!
Mark and Callie (they are the ones we are renting the basement apartment from) were home and were able to help us. 
Then Doug's mom came by followed by a car with two big teenage boys in it. She couldn't stay to help but she saw these two boys from her ward as she was driving by and asked them if they would like to make a little cash. 
So they came over and were able to help us finish up.
Toward the end, Doug's dad was able to come over and help with passing things out from the truck.
And then Wendy showed up with Sonic drinks and Melinda showed up with donuts. 
It was so nice how everyone did what they could. 

This is what our family room looked like before we left. 
I relaxed with the girls while Doug and Mark took the truck back. 
And had to laugh at my adorable little nephew Alex.


Seth and Julie said...

You guys have really jumped around out there. Hopefully you will be able to get settled in and unpack and stay awhile in your new place. Moving sounds like a lot more fun with family to stop by and bring donuts or lend a hand.

The Kings said...

Glad we could help with the girls! Wish we could have done more...but very glad you got additional help later!