Monday, June 23, 2014

Doing a happy dance

We are done with the house!!

Last week I finally got all the boxes unpacked and now all that is left to be done is organize paperwork I put into a pile for filing. 
I am SO excited to be done. 
I spent yesterday morning putting together my summer schedule and organization plans. 
I will share my system later this week. 
This also means I will be working on implementing the blog schedule I planned on doing back when I started The Gingham Owl. 
So stay tuned....


Donna said...

It is so good to get done with a huge project like that. Congratulations! The GIF you used is cute! I'm looking forward to hearing about your schedule/organization plans--I love stuff like that.

Seth and Julie said...

That was actually pretty quick! I still have things that have never really found a permanent place in the 10 years that I have lived here, although the longer they get in the way the more likely they are to find their permanent home at the Goodwill. I am good at cleaning but I should have had you teach me the tools of the trade when it comes to organizing. My policy is to hide it or throw it away. Yay for getting settled in and back on track with updates as well. I am anxious to see what you have planned.

cheryl said...

It is SO nice. Last year when we moved to Utah it took me almost a month to get things together and I never really felt like it was done. That first house we were in I was so excited about but then it never felt like home.

Our new place is SMALL and yet it feels so much more homey to me. It was very challenging to figure out where to put everything when I am pretty sure we are under 1000 square feet. We got rid of a lot.

But I am loving it.
I will post pictures soon.

The Kings said...

You deserve to do the happy dance!