Monday, June 16, 2014

Last day of school

Abi's last day of school was also the high school graduation of my niece Mckenna.
I didn't want to miss graduation but I didn't want Abi to miss her last day of school because they were having parties and rewards. Plus we knew it was her last day at that particular school since we would be moving two days later.
So, Doug stayed home long enough to take Abi to school so that I could drive to Orem early enough for the graduation.
Maddy colored a lot while waiting for it to start.

I really don't know what is up with blogger but it's doing my pictures all weird and not letting me write in between them even when I go into HTML so... the pictures above are Mckenna sitting in the audience ( next to the third girl in yellow from the front of picture.), they do poses now for a camera before getting their diploma and you see it on a big screen, and getting her diploma. 
We are so proud of her. She is a great kid.

As soon as she went across I decided we should go. There were a lot of kids and I was worried that once it was over it would take forever to get out of the university area with all the traffic. I knew I had about 35 minutes to drive back and had to be there before Abi got out of school.

So, Maddy and I left, went up the street to Krispy Kreme to grab a few donuts. 
Then we headed home. 
We got there about 11:30 so I thought I had an hour to pick up Abi.
However, the pickup system at that school is crazy and if you want a place in line you have to get there a half hour early.
So at 12 I drove over. Thank goodness I came home early and went over early.
Her teacher had told me early out was 12:30 but as I rounded the corner at 12:05 there were kids everywhere!
I pulled up to the side of the road across from the school and got out to walk across the street just as Abi came out the front doors. Whew!

Abi was so excited to be done with 2nd grade!
She got the M&M award in her class for "Marvelous and Magnificent Work" consistently.

She also got Student of the Month at her school. 

We are so proud of Abi and the hard work she does at school. I am so excited for her to be home with us for the next few months! And looking forward to what next year and figuring out her new school program.


Seth and Julie said...

I love the last day of school and Abi seems to be adjusting so well to the couple of school jumps she has made. I'm curious to hear what you think of her new school/program.

The Kings said...

Awesome photos of McKenna's graduation! And so proud of Abi...she got so many awards for being such a good student!