Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Build a Bear date with Grandma

My mom takes all of her grandkids on dates each year.
Abi and Maddy decided to do theirs together because they wanted to do the same thing. 
Build a Bear!
Abi got another My Little Pony- Rarity.
Maddy got Pumpkin. A princess palace pet. 

Afterward they went to Cold Stone and got some ice cream.

I thought it was pretty cute that Maddy's came with a letter from Cinderella because Pumpkin is Cinderella's pet.

Abi quickly got her little Sweetie Belle from BAB and put the two sister unicorns together. 
Abi chose not to get accessories for Rarity and instead had my mom take her to Target and get her a Lego set - a newspaper truck.

Thanks Mom! 
They love their new friends SO much!


Seth and Julie said...

Build a Bear just never stops being fun, and honestly I think it is one of the best deals in the toy market. Abi really played her cards right by not taking the accessories and talking Grandma into a Lego set. Smart girl! What a fun little date with Grandma.

cheryl said...

I agree. It is pricey but not as pricey as a lot of the things that my kids like. And they just adore it. Every animal they have got from BAB are their very favorites.

The Kings said...

I had so much fun with the girls! It was a very fun date!