Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bingo at the library

One of my favorite things about living where we are living is that we get to have a really good library! 
It seemed to take forever to be able to get our library cards. 
I wasn't sure what we were going to use since we won't have utility bills (we are paying over what their normal bill is or half) and we didn't make a rental agreement. 
The librarian told me a dr bill would work so I called the dr's to change our address knowing that it would only take a few days to get a bill. (I've been getting way too many of them this year. And sure enough, two days later, bill in hand, we went to the library and got our cards.
It is the coolest library.
They have an awesome selection, you self check, and to top it off it feels like home because it was my library as a teenager. 
Last week we went over for their kid bingo event. 
The girls were really excited but Abi wouldn't let me take pictures of her.
They won a ton of candy and one of the times Maddy won, she picked out this Hans button. Haha. This girl.
At the end they did blackout and we won 3 books! I didn't really know anything about most of the books they had and it was SO crazy with a million kids and moms descending on a book rack. Maddy wouldn't pick and told me to pick hers.  So Abi picked out the Cam Jansen book and I grabbed the other two hoping they will be good.


Donna said...

There's nothing like a good library, especially one from your childhood.

The Kings said...