Friday, June 13, 2014

Memorial Day

On Memorial day we had two BBQ's. The first was at my sister's house in Saratoga Springs. 
We were working at our house a bit that morning so I was already exhausted by the time we got there and it was SO hot. Then Abi was sad because I told her that there was going to be a slip and slide. And then there wasn't. I tried to tell her that it was cool. We would do it another day.
But my awesome sister and brother in law realized that she still wanted to do it and they went out and set it up.
It was so nice of them.
Dan and the teenagers working on the giant slip and slide...
Abi wanted me to take a picture through her sunglasses. They really do make everything pink!
I LOVE this picture of Abi.  To me, it just screams summer. 
Maddy loved running around in the big grassy area..
Dan told Abi to try it out. Going down the first time...

Maddy refused to go down by herself so my sweet niece Mckenna spent almost every time taking Maddy down. 

Courtney even pulled them a few times. Ha.

Then the teenagers wanted to do a posing contest. 
I hung out toward the bottom and took pictures as they went past me...
Matthew fell over as he tried to pose.. 
pushing Mckenna and Maddy down 

Court again
Austin the thinker
Logan about to wipe out
And then this happened. 
Logan and Austin
Austin and Matthew
Soon it was time for us to leave. McKenna got Maddy to go down off her lap for one time before we left. 
It was so much fun to watch all the kids having the best time. 


Seth and Julie said...

Is that an actual slip n slide or just a giant tarp? we keep wanting to have a huge neighborhood sliding party and I am trying to figure out how to make the best big slide.

The Kings said...

It was a really fun day! I am glad Abi pulled me down the slide once. I was so tempted to go again.

Donna said...

How fun! You are lucky to be with family again. The hardest thing for me about living in the Midwest is being away from family.

cheryl said...

Julie- Doug told me that they are billboards. My brother in law got them from a billboard company.

cheryl said...

Donna- that was exactly how we felt. It was so hard to be away from everyone. Of course, living close isn't all we thought it would be. There aren't as many family gatherings and things as you imagine when you are far away.
But it is still awesome to be able to see everyone more than we did before.