Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Disney Movie Night:Enchanted

It's that time again! Time to start up our Disney Family Movie Nights!
We don't have as much time before our trip to get in all of the movies I want us to watch. So this time we are doing a themed night every weekend and then another just for fun night or day during the week. I will label the themed ones Disney Movie Night and the weekday ones with Disney movie time.
I am posting these over on the Disney blog but I will also post them here for those of you not following it.

So, onto our first Disney movie night. 
We watched Enchanted. 

We made pizza for dinner. I wanted the fun of making the pizza but since we are still in the process of moving in, I also didn't want to make a huge mess. So we used refrigerated pizza dough for the first time. I didn't like it as much as homemade but Abi loved it. 
Abi put on the pizza sauce....

I did the pepperoni and Maddy did the cheese. 

We also had apple slices with caramel dip, "Apple-tini's", and "True love's" kisses. 
It was all pretty sweet but it was fun. I stuck some edible silver glitter in the apple juice to make it look a little more fun. 

After the movie, we played Disney Apples to Apples.


Seth and Julie said...

Oh fun! Disney Movie Night is back! Since it led to Disneyworld last time, has bringing it back made the girls suspicious?

cheryl said...

I thought about that so this is what we did. If you remember, we had a really hard time getting Abi completely potty trained. She just wasn't interested. So, I told her that we were going to do Disney movie nights and if she was potty trained she could stay awake to do them with us. And it worked!
So, I told the girls that and said that now that Maddy was completely potty trained we were doing it for her.
But... if we ever want to do a surprise trip again I will have to either keep them going after this trip is over or figure out a better excuse. :)

The Kings said...

You are amazing! What fun and great ideas!