Tuesday, June 10, 2014

May at my parents house

This is basically just another random post. Pictures taken while at my parents house the last few months..
I love Utah sunsets.
The kids rode their bikes around my parents back patio even though it was small. 

When it started getting warm we bought new swimsuits and towels for the girls. 
They were so excited to use them for the first time on the first really warm day.

Maddy made "cakes"
Maddy got really good (in my opinion) at drawing Ninja turtles. You can see below that one of them is Leonardo, one is Rafael, and one is Maddy. 
My sister in law Wendy is having a baby girl soon. I am really excited and made this basket of some of my favorite things for her shower. 
Cute outfits, diapers, puffs, books, the lotions and baby wash I liked, puff ball bottle, etc. plus she said she was craving root beer so I threw in a 2 liter of that. 
My mom was cleaning her can opener. When I saw it I immediately could see a face that looked happy. I have since found out that when I posted it on facebook and instagram with "That is one happy toaster." not everyone understood what I was talking about.
Can you see the face?
Doug's parents left for a mission for our church in Hong Kong. 
I took this picture of Abi at their house after they gave talks in church. I really liked the color of her shirt with the backdrop of the painting Doug's brother Robert did. 


Seth and Julie said...

I can see the face on the can opener. I also think the dry erase hockey courts in the IcePlex locker room look like bird faces with eyes and little beaks, but no one else ever knows what I'm talking about so maybe we just have weird minds. I see faces in things quite often. Also, Hong Kong! WOW! I am sure you will miss them, but that is just awesome!

Donna said...

I see the happy face! Ha ha! That is so neat that Doug's parents are serving a mission in Hong Kong!

The Kings said...

Hey, I was just cleaning the can opener a bit ago and that is what I see now...the happy little can opener! Adorable pictures!