Friday, July 15, 2016

May/ June Book Haul

 I'm finally getting around to it!
My book haul for May and June was pretty decent. Most of them were bought in May. 
There was a scholastic warehouse sale in May and I always go to those and get a few things and there was also Mother's Day!
Let's get started. 

I ordered the Berenstain Bears' and the Tooth Fairy after Maddy lost her first tooth. 
She did not leave her tooth out for the tooth fairy. She wanted to keep it. 
I got Jacky Ha-Ha and Who was Beatrix Potter at the warehouse sale. 
We were excited to add another one of the Who was.. books to our collection. 
We began reading Jacky Ha-Ha out loud immediately and... well, we didn't finish it. Not one of the three of us was a fan. We may try again later or we may give it away.

 At the warehouse sale we also got these two cook books. The girls want to start learning to bake more things and so I let them pick out one that they thought looked fun. 

I ordered this book from Amazon a while ago. It finally came!

I ordered The Princess Bride from Amazon as well to bring the purchase price up to free shipping. 
The day before Mother's Day Doug sent me to Barnes and Noble to look around. 
Always a dangerous idea. 
I bought some books as well as a blanket and pillow that I really wanted and found on clearance!
The Great Divorce was one of the books I got. 

You might remember I was on a search for a beautiful copy of Anne of Green Gables and found one a few months ago. 
Well, then I found this yellow edition in Barnes and Noble. 
I went back and forth but in the end I had to have it. 
So, yes, now I own three copies of Anne. 
I also decided to get this edition of The Secret Garden while I was there. 
I love both of these so much!

Did you get any new books in the months of May and June?


The Kings said...

Nice books! I need to get "The Great Divorce".

cheryl said...

Yes. I need to read it. I think I might save it for my british read a thon in a few weeks.