Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Nine, Part Two- From Queen's to Bodleian

After our tour of Queen's College Library we walked to the Bodleian where we had an upcoming tour. 
As we left the library I had to take pictures of Queen's on our way out...

The walk wasn't very long and it was so enjoyable. 
The vibe in Oxford is amazing. 
All of the buildings are beautiful and you can feel the history everywhere. 
As we walked along we found a red phone booth and had to stop. 

We walked around the Radcliffe Camera... we will be going there later!

We saw the Bridge of Sighs.

Just look at these buildings!

We checked in at the Bodleian but we were early so we followed the advice of the girl working there and walked across the street to the Weston Library to check out the gift shop and the Bodleian Treasures free exhibit.

These are just a FEW of the things we were able to see....

Original drawing by J.R.R Tolkien for The Hobbit and a map of Narnia drawn by C.S. Lewis:

Draft of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein:

The oldest surviving manuscript (besides papyrus fragments) of half of Plato's dialogues Phaedo, also known as On The Soul.

The original engrossments of the 1217 issue of the Great Charter, The Magna Carter, sent by royal chancery to Oxfordshire.

A Gutenberg Bible- one of only 7 complete copies in the British Isles.

There were so many other things that I didn't get a picture of. It was such a cool thing to be able to see all of these things and especially for free!

Now it was time for our tour!


The Kings said...

The sights of Oxford were awesome and I am glad we had the chance to visit the Weston Library Exhibit! Very amazing things to see there!

cheryl said...

Me too. So cool. And lovely that it was free!

Seth and Julie said...

Are those buildings all part of the campus? Oh my goodness. I would just sit in awe and never get my studying done. Do you think they totally take it for granted? I hope not.

cheryl said...

Not every building but most of them. It's made up of a bunch of colleges into the one university. So amazing.
I hope they don't take it for granted! It might be easier to do if you are from England and you see this kind of architecture and history every day of your life.