Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Booktubeathon 2016

After my last post you know that I haven't been reading as much the past few months as I normally do. I realized that it was almost the end of July and I had not finished any more books. 
I finally have the house mostly put together so wanted to really crack down on my reading. 
It just so happened that Ariel Bisset on YouTube was hosting her yearly booktubeathon this week and I decided that even though I don't have a YouTube book channel I would take part. 
I picked out my books based on the challenges and I have been taking part in the Instagram challenges as well.
 So far it has been SO much fun!

Above you will see my choices for this week. 
There are a few that might change but as for now this is how they stand.
The challenges are: 

1. Read a book with yellow on the cover. 

For this I chose Five Kingdoms book One Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull. 
I have been wanting to read through this series because I have books three and four and haven't read them yet. I decided to start back at book one because it had been so long it wasn't as fresh in my mind as I would like. 

2. Read a book only after sunset

For this I will probably read book 2 of the Five Kingdoms books. I should be able to finish it in a few evenings. 

3. Read a book you discovered on Book Tube

For this I picked All the Light We Cannot See as it is the first place I heard of it. 
This may change if another book I pre ordered arrives in time. 

4. Read a book by one of your favorite authors

This will be a Five Kingdoms book as well- I am going to try to use this read-a thon to get through all of them!

5. Read a book that is older than you

For this I am reading The Art of Homemaking as it was first published in 1967. Doug's mom gave this to me years ago and I have yet to finish it so I decided that moving into a new home was a good time to look through it and see if it gives me any new inspiration. 

6. Read and watch a book to movie adaptation. 

For this one I chose Austenland by Shannon Hale. I haven't read the book for a long time and it is one of my favorite movies. Also, the book is pretty short so I figured it would be an easy one to get through quickly and then I have an excuse to watch the movie for the zillionth time. 

7. Read seven books. 

If I am able to get through all of the other books then I will only have one more book to read to make this one happen. So I plan on using another Five Kingdoms book or All the Light We Cannot See if the other book shows up. 

There you have it! I will post next week to let you know what I was able to read, if I completed all the reading challenges, and show you my Instagram daily challenge pictures. 
Let me know what you are currently reading!


The Kings said...

Good luck and have fun!

cheryl said...

Thanks! I changed a few things around but I had an awesome time. I am definitely going to participate every year. It was an amazing week! I will update about it soon!