Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Ten, Part Two- more of the Harry Potter Studio Tour

The first part of the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour ended by funneling us all into the cafeteria area. 
It was lunchtime by now anyway so we were glad to take a break. 
We grabbed some hot dogs. Mom's with onions, mine without. 
We got some chips and of course, butterbeer!

We sat and enjoyed the view of the outside sets while we ate and then as soon as we were done we went out there. 

The Dursley House

The Knight Bus..

The cool bridge...

These sets were all so cool.

Then it was time to go back inside to a different section. 

Then into Diagon Alley...

Creative processes...

The model of Hogwarts was huge. 
As you walk around the room it changes colors.

The wands in wand boxes with the names of all the actors. 

It was then that we entered the large and crowded gift shop. 
I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have a few things I wanted to get- like a Hedwig stuffed animal that wasn't a huge puppet. I promised Maddy I would bring her one. 
But I did get a few things. 

I got the Hogwarts Crest and Hogwarts Express Christmas ornaments, a copy of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone so we could have at least one of the British versions. 
And for the girls I got each of them a Chocolate Frog.

Next up: Some small towns and more Harry Potter filming locations


The Kings said...

Oh so FUN!!!! I loved visiting the Harry Potter Studios. It was so awesome seeing all the props, etc. that were part of the making of the movies!! I would love to go again! Awesome photos of our visit!!!!

cheryl said...

Yes! It was very cool.
I would too. Someday maybe. :)

Seth and Julie said...

Wow, you really saw a ton. And...Alan Rickman's wand box. :( Snape is absolutely my favorite character in the series. Is that normal? I mean, I love some of the others but only Snape's story made me cry and Alan Rickman was probably the best book to movie casting I have ever seen.

cheryl said...

I loved seeing Alan Rickman's wand box. He was the perfect Snape. And no you're not weird. Snape is one of my very favorite characters too. I love all the main good characters but my very favorite are probably Hermione, Lupin, Neville, and Snape.
I have heard people say that they hope they make Cursed child into a movie but I don't know if I could handle Snape being played by someone else unless I was seeing the play.