Thursday, July 7, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Eight, Part Three- Little Campden House

When planning the trip I knew that we wanted to stay somewhere in the Cotswolds for a few days. 
We would be driving around to a lot of places but we wanted somewhere we could call "home" for a while. 
I had my heart set on a thatched cottage but as we went through a ton of different cottages we kept going back to this one. 
It was in a village that I loved the name of- Chipping Campden.
And here we would have our own bedrooms as well as the fact that while it had amazing reviews it was one of the cheaper options. 
We finally decided to go with Little Campden House.

When we left Chatsworth we drove south to Chipping Campden and found our little home. 
It has a private parking spot in the back/side. I was really worried before arrival because I was told it was a small space surrounded by rock walls and I might want to get passengers out before pulling in. 
I imagined me running into the sides with the rental car. 
But when we got there I was actually so pleasantly surprised. 
Compared to a lot of the places that I had parked up to this point, this was positively roomy. 

After parking and getting all of our bags out, we walked around the wall and to the front door. 
We were given a code to a key box so we were able to get in right away. 
I loved the look of it.

When you go in, there is a little foyer and the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. 

There is also a small half bath to the right of the foyer. 

The kitchen was pretty big and very bright. 

The kitchen opens up to the walled in courtyard with tables and a shed. 
It didn't end up being the best weather to spend a lot of time out there when we had time.. but it was still fun to look at!

It also had a large family room area. 

They had a selection of movies and games too. 

Upstairs we each had our own bedroom and bathroom. 
This was my mom's bathroom...

This was her bedroom...

My bathroom...

My bedroom...

Going back down the stairs...

As soon as we were settled in we made some sandwiches for dinner and watched part of one of the movies they had in the cottage- Nights in Rodanthe.

We felt so at home and relaxed. It was great. 

Next up: Oxford!


Seth and Julie said...

I love the idea of getting a house and just living there for a minute. I think all of your accommodations have looked very homey and very English, which I love. I stayed most of the time in a big commercial hotel so it looked too American. I also can't believe how much you have seen so far without even touching London. I spent 10 days in London and 3 in Stratford. I loved every single day, but I definitely need to go do this side of things. I think I will be sad when your trip posts are done.

cheryl said...

Yeah, we liked every single place we stayed on this trip which is pretty awesome. i was worried we would have some duds but we really lucked out!
Well, there will be LOTS more of them! Haha. This was a long trip.
I am loving writing about it and re-living it.

The Kings said...

I loved staying here. It was so nice!! And with our own private, in the lap of luxury!! I agree with did such a fantastic job of securing our lodgings everywhere. I liked every place we stayed...some more than others...but no duds!

cheryl said...

Yes! It sure felt like luxury!:) Thanks. I am so glad we ended up getting so many great places.