Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Eight, Part One- Lyme park

Tuesday, April 12th we decided to skip the breakfast at our B&B and just have zone bars as we left early on our way to the Peak District. 
We stopped in Chorly along the way to make a visit to the Preston LDS temple. 
We really enjoyed our morning there and were so glad we made the time to visit and go into the temple.

I was kind of mesmerized by the trees in the parking lot...

We wanted to visit Stanadge Edge on our way into the Peak District (the place where Elizabeth Bennet stands on the cliffs in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice) but there were some roads that were closed from flooding and our GPS wouldn't give us an alternative route. So we just went straight to Lyme Park. 
Lyme Park was the setting of Pemberley in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice
We parked in the very muddy parking lot and walked up some stairs up a big hill to get to the house. 
It was so exciting to walk up to it!
We had decided we would only go into one "Pemberley" since we didn't have a ton of time. So we decided to tour Chatsworth inside and out because they actually used the interiors in the movie but to only tour the gardens of Lyme Park because they didn't film in the house. 
If I ever go back I would love to tour the house as well.

We walked through to the courtyard and showed them our tour tickets. 
Mom found the restroom while I spoke to an older gentleman that worked there. He was a lot of fun to talk to and asked all about our trip plans. 

Then we went to walk around the pond. 
I was a little worried that it would be packed because there were so many cars in the parking lot, but we only saw two other people on our walk. 
It was so peaceful and felt kind of magical. 

We really enjoyed taking a slow walk around the pond and taking it all in, imagining Mr. Darcy showing up. 

After touring the grounds we went into the gift shop. 

It was a lovely little gift shop and hard to not buy everything! 
I ended up getting this Usborne History of Britain book to share with the girls, a Mr. Darcy bookmark featuring Colin Firth, and an I love Mr. Darcy book bag similar to the one in Austenland.

Next up: We drive to Chatsworth!


The Kings said...

So loved the visit there! Seeing "Pemberley" in the movie takes your breath away. Seeing it in person did the same thing magnified...truly a beautiful place!!

cheryl said...

Yes it did! And looking back through my pictures I feel that way again. I think I might need to frame some of them!

Seth and Julie said...

You got some cool pictures of what looks like a breathtaking place to visit. I don't think this would have been on my to-see list, but it is now. And now fun to go through the temple in another country.

cheryl said...

Yeah it was really cool to go to the temple and the workers were so nice. And Lyme Park was just gorgeous.

The Kings said...

Your idea of framing some of the photos was a great one! I was just thinking the other day that I need to frame some special photos of our favorite places...kinda like Stephanie did with their travel pictures!