Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Welcome December

We began the month with our annual Dinner in the Dark on December first. 
It was a simple meal of spaghetti, peas, and garlic bread but it felt so much more festive sitting at the table with only a candle for light. 

After dinner it was time to take the very first tootsie roll off of our advent streamer. 
Abi got to do the first one. 

Then we got to get the first gift of Christmas. 
The pocket for December first in my advent tree is always a new book. 
Maddy teased Abi that she was going to take it out. 

They get so excited about opening this new book.

When I was about Abi's age I had a little mini book with a piano that I loved playing. 
So when I saw this book at Barnes and Noble in the bargain books section I knew it was the perfect one for this year. 
It has a bunch of Christmas songs in it and then the little keyboard with numbers so the kids can play the songs.

They immediately began taking turns trying it out.

It was a great start to the Christmas season!


Donna said...

How fun to do a dinner in the dark like that. I had one or two of those piano books too when I was a kid. They were fun!

cheryl said...

They are so much fun!

The Kings said...

Such a fun way to start December with your family! And Abi plays the keyboard really well!

cheryl said...

Yeah. She loves it.