Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Weekend after Thanksgiving

Friday morning the girls rushed out of their room to see what had been left in the magic mailbox for them after collection of their letters to Santa. 

There were two little boxes of candy.

Friday afternoon we began the Christmas decorating. 
Saturday we got ready to decorate the tree. 
I put all of our ornaments in our piles and put on the annual Christmas tree decorating music.

Then we got to work!

I love our tree ornaments. It isn't fancy like a lot of trees are but each ornament has a special meaning. 
We buy ornaments from the places we visit on vacations, have a lot of ornaments that have been made by us or by others and given to us as gifts, and then we buy special ornaments each year to signify something special that year. 

Abi always puts the star on the tree. 
This year she stood on a chair instead of Dad's shoulders.

Yay! The tree is done!

After tree decorating it is time for hot cocoa and candy canes. 

We always have a sleepover around the tree on the night we decorate it. 
We watched Barbie's A Perfect Christmas. 

We haven't got the girls their new ornaments yet (still haven't found the perfect ones) but we did get our new family ornament. 
It will remind us that we read the Harry Potter series together for the first time this year!

We got it from Hallmark. When you push the button it plays the audio from a scene from the first movie. 
It was such a fun weekend!


Donna said...

What great traditions. I particularly like that you have a sleepover around the tree. The Harry Potter ornament is perfect!

cheryl said...

Yes, I am so happy with the ornament!
The girls love the sleepover around the tree. It's so fun how the simplest things end up being their favorite things.

The Kings said...

Thanks for sharing! Love our traditions!! And happy that you have passed them on to your family!!

cheryl said...


Seth and Julie said...

I love that Potter ornament. I wish I had seen that sooner! Funny thing is that I work for Hallmark. Haha! I just go to the different Walgreens stores though and we don't get all the same stuff that they have in the store.

cheryl said...

Dang. That's funny that you do the Hallmark stuff and didn't see it though. Yeah, the girls love it!