Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lots of advent traditions!

Some more pictures of our advent streamer and tree...

We also started a new Advent activity this year. 
When I was a kid my mom made this advent tree....

It had all of those red ornaments on it and each day we took turns taking them off, putting them in their pocket, choosing another ornament out of another pocket and putting it on. 
I loved it. 
I have always wished I could make one for my kids. 

Then on Thanksgiving my mom told me she actually still had the pattern for it. 
I was so excited and had to borrow it to try to make for this year. 

I didn't finish by December 1st. I finished on December 10th. But then we played catch up and have been able to use it ever since. 
It is no where near as beautiful as the one my mom made as she took two years to make it while I did a rush job. Also, I couldn't get the blanket stitch to look good so mine just have normal straight stitches. 
But I am still mostly happy with how it turned out and the girls love it. 


The Kings said...

I am so glad I made it years ago! It has really been a fun tradition. I am glad you are doing the same with Abi and Maddy! Did you notice how excited and happy they look?

cheryl said...

Me too! They love it!!