Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Abigail's Adopt a Beanie Boo birthday Party: The actual party

While we were waiting for the arrivals, Madeline got busy coloring at the table.

Pretty soon the kids were arriving and everyone was coloring. 

When the last child arrived we gave them a few more minutes to finish up their pictures and then we went to the adoption station. 
We wanted it to be somewhat fair and not a free for all, so Abi wrote down each person's name on a sheet of paper and then pulled them out of a bowl. The order in which they came out of the bowl is the order they got to pick their animal. 

This was a huge hit. All the kids (except Henry, who decided he was going to adopt it for his little sister) loved the stuffed animals!

I love this picture of Maddy showing her Corgi to Henry because... well I will get to that in a minute. 

 We did the bowl and piece of paper idea at each station.

Decorating their carriers...

Abi went first to check out her animal's health. 

Maddy was last at this station. 

I loved watching her do this. 
She loved it so much. It made me wonder why we hadn't had a doctor kit before now!

As soon as everyone was done with the stations, it was time for cupcakes and ice cream. 

Abi asked for cupcakes with pink and blue frosting and two big candy eyes. 

After cupcakes and ice cream she opened her gifts. 

We still had about twenty minutes before parents would show up so they went outside in the backyard to play. It was so great that it was warm enough that they could do this!
They had a lot of fun. 

While they were outside we noticed that Maddy was sticking pretty close to Henry. 
Afterward Doug decided to tease her by asking, "Do you have a crush on Henry?"
She surprised us by saying, "Yes. I want to marry him."

We came back in as the kids started to leave. 
Those that were left just sat around the room and talked. 
She has a really good group of friends that are all funny, smart, polite, nice kids. I love that. 
Maddy played with the doctor set some more. 

Abi and her friend Elena were sharing secrets. I love seeing her have such good friends. Friends that I would pick for her if I could! 

It was such a fun birthday party!


The Kings said...

Glad Abi had such a fun party! You planned a really good one as usual!

cheryl said...


Seth and Julie said...

You have a lot more endurance as a creative mom than I do. I have dropped all advents and parties and anything else that was cute. When I see you still going strong, I always want to jump back in to the game before my kids outgrow it. Creative and fun, as always.

Seth and Julie said...

Oh...and those pics of Abi and her friend at the end are priceless.

cheryl said...

Oh thank you. I don't feel that way most of the time. I don't do half of what I used to do when we lived out there. For some reason (probably their ages) when we moved to Utah I just never got back into a lot of the things I used to love doing which sometimes makes me sad.
But I try with some of the things that are most important to me.. like birthdays. I love doing the birthdays. And I love that we can always figure out really cute ones without spending a fortune.
I LOVE those pictures. Elena has since become her very best friend and that makes them even more precious.