Friday, December 4, 2015

The rest of Madeline's birthday

After Maddy's birthday party we went home and had a few hours of quiet. 
Then it was time for us to go out to dinner as a family and then have our own little party. 
She was really excited to open her presents from us. 

Abi gave her a Shopkins basket. 

And we all had a good laugh because she got these two Shopkins in the basket, again. 
I think she has got them about three times so far at this point. 

We gave her a Cupcake Queen plush and she was SO happy.

She also got a Hello Kitty bank that she was able to decorate.

We also gave her a Shopkins vending machine and some 12 packs.

She was really happy with all of her presents.


The Kings said...

You gave her such a fun birthday!!

cheryl said...