Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Movies

I LOVE Christmas movies. 
Love them. Even the cheesy, terrible ones. There is something about a Christmas movie that makes my inner critic go away. The cheese and predictable rom-com story lines, the over the top acting, the recycled plot... all the things that would drive me crazy in a normal movie just don't bother me so much if it is associated with Christmas. Now, don't get me wrong... there are some exceptions to this rule. Every once in a while I come across a Christmas movie that even Christmas can't save. But for the most part I find myself enjoying most of them and getting way more emotional than I do during any other type of movie. A reunited family member. Tears. A reconciled faith. Tears. Love. Tears. Children. Tears. Heck, Snowflakes. Tears. 
With all of that said, while I could go on and on about all of the Christmas movies I like and all of the movies I love, there are a few that I have to watch every year or it doesn't feel like Christmas. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

This movie just brings all of the feels. It is so nostalgic and sweet. 
I love that little sad tree and the fact that Charlie cared about it. 
I love the dancing. It's just perfect. 


I saw this for the first time with Doug on our honeymoon. It is one of the modern films that instantly felt like a classic. It is so funny and so much fun to watch. I love Will Ferrell as the elf. He plays it so well.

Christmas with the Kranks

This movie just makes me laugh from start to finish. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis play off of each other so well and it is just a bit different from all of the other ones like it. 

The Nativity Story

I always enjoy having a movie to watch that brings us back to the real reason for celebrating Christmas and this one is the perfect one for it. 
In my opinion it is the best one made so far. 
Not perfect. But so good. The acting is great and it feels really realistic. 

The Holiday

This movie is so darn charming. I mean, can anyone watch this and not fall in love with Jude Law? 
Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actresses and she is superb in this. 
Cameron Diaz, even though I do like her, is not one of my favorites but I still love her in this film. 
One of my favorite parts is Jack Black and Kate Winslet in the video store. They are so much fun together. 
And the story is fantastic. The side stories are fantastic. 
All around... fantastic. 

Christmas in Connecticut

Pure classic fun. This black and white movie follows a sailor who has been stranded on a raft long enough to be near dead as he heals and requests to spend Christmas with Smart Housekeeping magazine's most famous wife, mother, and cook. It is really funny and satisfying. 
There are a few parts you just have to make fun of along the way. If you have seen it you will know what I mean when I say, "Momma!"
It is well worth a watch every year. 

White Christmas

It doesn't get much more classic Christmas than this film. 
It is wonderful and I certainly can't go a year without watching it. 
The music, Bing's voice, "Sisters", and Danny Kaye. I loved Danny Kaye in everything when I was a kid and my love for him is strong to this day. Perfect family Christmas film. 

The Muppet Christmas Carol

If you haven't seen this it may seem strange to hear that my favorite film version of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a muppet version.
Even if you knew that I loved the Muppets, especially Kermit, as a kid. 
But it is more than a Muppet film. 
Michael Caine is wonderful as Scrooge. The music is so much fun. And in fact we find ourselves singing some of the songs all year round!
I love this film!

It's a Wonderful Life

Until a few years back I always thought this movie was over hyped and I wouldn't have felt like it was one of my favorites. Then I got on a Jimmy Stewart kick. I watched Philadelphia Story (my favorite film of all time probably) and then The Shop Around the Corner. After those I decided to give this one another go. It is so different as an adult. At least that was my experience. 
I love it. Absolutely love it. 
It is sad in places, funny in places, and just makes you feel so good by the end. 

and finally, my very favorite Christmas movie...

The Bishop's Wife

This has been my favorite Christmas movie for as long as I can remember. Most of you know that Cary Grant is my favorite actor and this is Cary Grant at his finest. The story is good and so festive. 
It just isn't Christmas without Dudley the Angel!

*Do any of these movies make your top 10?
*What other movies do you have to watch every Christmas?


The Kings said...

Love those movies and more! It is so fun to fill the holidays with such good movies...old and young!

cheryl said...

Yes. They make it so festive!

Seth and Julie said...

Love Actually, if that counts as a Christmas movie. I also love Home Alone and Elf. I have never seen the Holiday, but now I am going to go look it up.

cheryl said...

Yeah. I love Love Actually too!