Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Bikes

Doug's work gave all the employees a certain amount of money to spend on anything that had to do with being active. 
We used it to buy new bikes for Abi and Maddy. 
Their bikes have always come from garage sales or DI/ Goodwill so it was really fun to go in and pick out the exact bike they wanted. 
Maddy rode hers from the store to the van. 

That night we went to ride them at the church parking lot but had an unexpected situation any of you that follow me on facebook know about where we saw a fire truck at Doug's sisters house on our way and stopped to make sure they were okay. The truck was actually next door but the fire man ushered us into the house quickly and told us not to come back out. 
We were then stuck inside for a couple of hours whilst they were hiding in trees and bushes and in between our cars with guns trying to get a neighbor out of their house. 
By the time we were able to leave it was too dark and too late to ride so we just had to go home. 

They have been able to ride many times since that nigh. 
The next day they posed on their new bikes on our patio. 

And after I took Abi to school, Maddy stayed out on the patio riding it around the small space for a while. 

We are so excited to finally have these new bikes!


Donna said...

That's so cool that Doug's work gave money out for everyone to buy fitness-related things! Bikes are so much fun.

And that is crazy about what happened at that house. Did you ever find out what it was all about?

The Kings said...

The bikes are so cute and the girls are so excited to have them. FUN!