Friday, April 17, 2015

Lego League

A few weeks ago we got to go to Abi's school to see their Lego League creations.
But first, I can't believe they are already doing geometry in 3rd grade. 

So in Lego League they were divided up into groups and each group had to come up with a lego creation that moved in someway. 
Then the two Salta classes had an open house where we could come see all of them. 

This was the poster for Abi's group. 

I love the little pictures and blurbs. 
Charlotte is one of Abi's best friends. 
One of her other really good friends is Henry. He is the one making the funny face. 

Abi showing me how it worked. 

They went with a space theme. They had a little ground control area, a side that was meant to be the moon with a moon buggy and then the rocket itself which was the moving part. 
It would be picked up by the crane so it could take off. 
The video....


Holly said...

What a fun activity! I agree that the little blurbs about the kids are really cute!

cheryl said...

It is. They have so much fun in that class!