Monday, April 13, 2015

A New Blog

Last week during my book club meeting our conversation turned to British actors and shows as it usually seems to do. My Aunt Maureen said that I should have a blog about British things. I have thought about doing this before but this was the spark that really got me going. 
I kept thinking about it that night and the next day and decided to do it!
I came up with a name and started prepping for the new blog. 
It is now up and running!
If you are at all interested in British movies, tv shows, books, music, celebrities, and the countries and culture of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland head on over to 


Donna said...

Awesome! I'm following it already on Facebook and I'll put it in my blog list. As you know I love all things England too!

The Kings said...

It is awesome!

cheryl said...