Monday, April 20, 2015

Girls day

A few weeks ago Doug was gone and it was warm outside. 
So we declared it a girls day. 
We went to one park in Draper but the girls were not impressed. 
So then we went to another park in Draper. 
It was crazy crowded but we stayed about 20 minutes. 

Then we were going to go get drinks but the girls really wanted frozen yogurt. 
So we stopped at USwirl instead. 
They went a little overboard with their yogurt. 

It was really yummy and a very special treat because I don't remember the last time we went there. 
We then shopped a bit at Michael's to get ready for the upcoming spring break week and then went to our closest park for awhile. 

Maddy looks like she is doing a little robot dance here. 

Abi wanted to show Abi the tree that she climbed so up she went and Maddy followed. 

It was such a fun day!


The Kings said...

Cute and fun! Where is the frozen yogurt place?

cheryl said...

It is in Draper by Michaels.

Donna said...

Playground days are the best.

cheryl said...

They really are so much fun.