Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easter Egg Hunting

We had our annual King family Easter egg hunt at my sister's house the day before Easter.

The kids waited inside while the grown-ups hid the eggs outside and then the hunt began. 

"I already found an egg!"

My sister got a special little basket for Abi and Maddy since they are the only little kids now. 
Maddy found hers in a tree. 

At the same time Abi came running towards us yelling because she found hers! 
They had no idea that they had these waiting for them out there. 

It was a perfect day for the egg hunt!

Extreme egg hunting. 

After the hunt. 


Donna said...

How fun!

The Kings said...

It was such a fun hunt! I love the special touch Stephanie did for the girls!

cheryl said...

It was So much fun.