Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Riverwoods party

I took the girls to the yearly outdoor party at Riverwoods in Provo a week ago.
Last year it had a circus theme. This year I am not sure if it had a theme or not but I think it was a patriotic one. 
It is so fun that almost everything is free. 
The first thing we did was stop at the free fishing. 
Each girl got to fish for a prize. 
The guy running this was so cute. In the picture below you can see the face he is making. He was pulling on it and pretending the fish was fighting her. 
Then we stood in line for the balloon animal guy. This was free but I did end up tipping the guy because Maddy asked him for a Unikitty. If you have seen the Lego movie you know who Unikitty is. 
He had no idea. I told him it was a cat with a unicorn horn. And he said he would try. 
Maddy was so excited! He even drew cute faces on his creations. 

Abi asked for a unicorn. My kids apparently have an obsession with unicorn horns. 
These balloon animals were played with for a straight week. Maddy took hers everywhere until the thing started coming undone. 
Then we went to get in line for the free face painting. 
While in line, the girls noticed that there was a table behind us giving out slices of watermelon for free. They each went over to grab one. 

Maddy asked for a Unikitty again. The girl painting her face was flustered. So I talked Maddy into asking for a butterfly. 
Abi asked her girl for  a unicorn. 
Maddy was very happy with her butterfly. 
The girl that did Abi's face only had red, white, blue, black, and gold, but she did a fun unicorn and Abi was happy with it. 

Then we spent some time playing more of the little games along the way. 

We were hot and tired so we took a break in the shade at this table and I bought us some snow cones. These were even a good deal. These were the small size and were only $1.50 each. 
I couldn't believe this was the SMALL!
The splash pad was turned on and I was able to stay at our table and let the girls go run around in the water. 
Abi went right out. 
Maddy wasn't interested at first because she has always been a bit afraid of pools and has NEVER played in a splash pad before. 
After a few minutes she ventured over not sure if she wanted to or not. 
Abi tried to convince her to come in. 
But it always ended with Maddy running back to me crying. 
And then she started putting her feet in and then running out again. Then all of a sudden I looked down for a minute and when I looked back up she was out in the water!
Once she got out there, she was so happy and ran through the water like crazy!
Finally Abi came back to the table and Maddy still was out there. 
When she finally was ready to go she was soaked. 
We had a few visits from the BYU cougar while we were there. (Cosmo?)
To end our time there we went into the Provo Beach Resort and I got the girls each a card with a couple of dollars on them and let them play. 

It was SO much fun! 


Seth and Julie said...

When I saw Riverwoods I thought of Discover Card and was confused for a second. We miss you guys!

cheryl said...

That's what I think of everytime I go there. It is a nice little shopping area close to the bottom of Provo canyon with shops and restaurants and a movie theater.
But yeah, it takes me back. :)
We miss you guys too!

The Kings said...

The girls look like they had so much fun!