Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Painted" shoes

I have wanted to try painting shoes for a long time now. 
A few weeks ago I picked up some really cheap shoes for the girls at Walmart and got out my sharpies to see how it would go. 
I drew sketches on with pencil and then colored them in with Sharpie markers. 
I made Ninja turtle shoes for Maddy.

I did My Little Pony shoes for Abi. 
I had to change the eyes on the ponies after the first one (Apple bloom in the center of the shoe on the left) because she looked like she was being "mind controlled" according to Abi. I agreed. Luckily the rest of the eyes turned out better.

When they were done I sprayed them with Scotch Guard to waterproof them. It dulled the color a little and a few spots bled so I am going to try it with acrylic paint next time. 
But this was a really fun and pretty easy craft and the girls LOVE them.
Maddy wants to wear hers every day!


Seth and Julie said...

What a fun idea! They came out really cute too. I am not artistic enough to pull that off but I may have to let my kids design their own shoes. That would be fun! Is the color holding up as they wear them out and about?

cheryl said...

Yes. Like I said, it dulled a bit when I sprayed the Scotch Guard but since then it has held up. Maddy wears them all the time.
I am going to make some more soon with paint this time and see how that holds up.

The Kings said...

Love the shoes...they turned out so cute. And love your newest project...Dr. Who!