Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Home Tour: Command Center

This may just be my favorite part of the house.

There is a little spot in between our bedroom and the kitchen by where the stairs to the upstairs of the house are. Because those stairs won't ever be opened it makes for a nice little area I wanted to utilize but it's not huge.

I have always wanted a cute command center like the ones I have seen on Pinterest. 
And since the house opens up into our room we don't have space for one right when you come in. 
I decided to turn this area into the command center. 

I got a new calendar that is dry erase so I could just change it up every month and use fun colors. I love this probably too much. 
Underneath the calendar we have the girls' chore charts. 

This is looking into the command center from the kitchen area. 
I found that key shaped key holder at Hobby Lobby.
Then we have our Family Proclamation over that. 

Doug's parents gave us that chair last year and it is called "The blessing chair" to do blessings in. We have also given it another responsibility. It is now called our "Reverent Chair". 
If Maddy can't sit through church she has to come home and practice reverence by sitting in that chair for the same amount of time. We had to invent that and use it a week ago..
and she sat through the hour really well this past Sunday. So I am hoping it worked!

We have shoes and puzzles in the canvas drawers.
And to the wall I added a clock, our silhouettes, engagement photos, and the V. 

The view from the hallway by our bedroom..

I just love the way it turned out. And I love walking by it all day. 

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