Thursday, July 10, 2014

Home Tour: The school area and family room

We have meshed our family room with my library and our office area.
The door on the left of this picture is the girls room. If you went to the right you would be in the hallway that you have already seen pictures of that leads first to the bathroom and then our bedroom. 

Some of my library...

Our place is kind of like a big 0 with the stairs to the upstairs in the middle. Under those stairs we have some storage and then the hallways/ rooms go around it. 
So if you go to the family room and then to the other side of the stairs storage you will have another walkway that goes back to the other side of the house where the kitchen is (which is connected to the Command center). 
So, this area in between the family room and the kitchen would traditionally be the dining room but I am using it for our school/art/craft area.
We have a long card table set up for the girls. The book shelf for library books. 
The white shelf you can see is a pantry I built from Target.
On the side of it we post our daily schedule. 

Another view. We have a small table with lamp in corner and then my white desk behind it. 
You can see how it funnels down to the kitchen. 

Another view: 
There are more things out than I would like but there isn't room for all the appliances to be put away so I have the wire shelves with appliances on them and then the white tables have all the art supplies...

Looking back at my desk...
Beyond it you can see another small storage area door. 
This is looking into the family room from the art area. I put our table in there behind the couch. It is a little cramped but that made it so we still have a table to sit at while being able to use the dining area for the art area. 

One side of the family room. More of the library and the movies. 

Jumping back over to the art/school area....

And back over to the family room...
We have Doug's desk in one corner.

I love that we have a fireplace in our house. The wires from the tv not so much... but for now they will be hanging there. 

Our little "nerd" collection. 
At first I wasn't sure how I would like this collection of pictures since they are all different sizes and different colors/ types of frames. But I really like the way it turned out. 

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The Kings said...

Love how you did your home! It really looks nice!