Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Home Tour: Girls room and the bathroom

Yep you read it right. We have ONE bathroom.
Okay. Okay. So not that big of a deal. But Doug and I haven't had only one bathroom since our very first teeny apartment. And with two little girls it definitely gets interesting sometimes. 

But on with the show!

As you all know we have moved into a new home. 
We are living back in Sandy a simple stroll away from my old high school where Doug and I met. 
We are renting a basement apartment from Doug's brother. 

It is a nice, cozy little spot. 

I took some before pictures of the closets in the girls' room and in the bathroom.
As you can see, their room has two great closets. They are huge. 
BUT I knew that not only would they need to share this room but it would also need to be their play room. So I needed enough room for all of their clothes and toys too. 
You'll see what I came up with in a minute. 

Also, as you look at pictures in this post and in the ones to come you will notice the yellow walls. 
For some reason in pictures they end up looking really dark and mustardy and in reality it is a very subtle yellowish beige.. just something to keep in mind :)

The bathroom closet is also great. But I need to make it work for holding not only bathroom/linen storage but also extra kitchen things that we don't use often. 

Plus, neither the closets in the girls' room nor the one in the bathroom have doors so I had to come up with something for that as well. 

Okay, so back to the girls' room. 
See what I mean. The walls look so crazy. Do not look like that in person.
Okay so this is standing by the closet and looking over to the opposite wall. 
That door is the door to the furnace room. 
We use it for most of our storage and it is also the laundry room.

Same wall pulled back a bit. On the right you can see the door to go out of their room into our family room/ library area. 

So- the closets!
They should be covered. 
I hung up curtain rods and got a pink curtain panel and a purple curtain panel and hung them over them as doors. It looked really cute. 
But I made the mistake of buying the cheapo Walmart ones and they broke within a day so eventually they will be hung again as soon as I get nice curtain rods.

I used the right side closet for the girls clothes, stuffed animals, dress ups, and memory boxes. 
I hung a second rod close to the bottom so Maddy can reach her own clothes and hang them up herself. 
Her winter/ off season clothes are on the top right. Abi's clothes are hung on the top left. 
The memory boxes and dress ups are on the top shelf. 
Then I put in some plastic drawers for their pajamas, pants, and skirts.
All the pink buckets hold dolls and stuffed animals. 

The left closet is the main toy closet and the children's library. 
I put in two shelves that have all of their books on them and then added two shelves for all of the totes. 
They are all labeled with what is in the totes. 

So, we have this set up as a library. They have to check out their toys and cannot check out another tote until the one they have is cleaned up and put away.
Abi has her Legos out all the time but they have to be cleaned up and nice looking before she can check out a tote from the closet. 

You can see the Lego table on the right by the closet. There is a few feet between the so she can sit on the floor to play with Legos or she can sit on her bed. It is right there by the Lego table. 

Maddy's bed is on the left by the toy closet. 

Again, Maddy's bed. 
At the foot of her bed we have the baby stroller and crib right next to the door. 

Abi's bed again over next to the dresser that holds socks and craft supplies. 

A closer look at the toy system. My labeler is my best friend. :)

Their room is a decent size. But with both girls and all of their stuff in there it can feel very small. So the toy system is imperative to keeping it nice and clean and functional.

So, the bathroom.
The bathroom may be the only one in the house but it is bigger than any of the three we had in our house in Saratoga Springs so I love it.
This picture is looking from the door into the bathroom. Just like every other space in the house there is limited storage so I got the little 5 drawer plastic thing to hold toiletries that are used every day. The top drawer is Doug's. The next one is mine. Etc. 
If you look in the mirror you can see black. 
In that other closet I added more plastic drawers so there is a lot of storage and then I hung a black curtain over the closet for the doors. 

As you come out of the bathroom this is the set up on the wall right there. Our cute months of their first year pictures and some wedding pictures. 


Seth and Julie said...

I love the toy library. What a great idea. Other than Alex's Legos and sometimes Chloe's dolls, my kids don't really play with toys anymore. I wish I had done something like that though because we ended up with every toy on the floor every single day.

cheryl said...

Julie- it has worked so well! Plus this way we can really see what they play with almost every day , what gets checked out every few days, and which things hardly ever get checked out.
I told them if there are ever any toys that aren't checked out for over 6 months that is a good indication that it is time to get rid of it.

Holly said...

It would be really nice to know exactly what is used and how often. Nice use of space!