Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Valentines Day

The night before Valentine's Day the girls made their boxes for their class parties. 
Abi wanted a Starlight Glimmer pony themed one. 
We bought a pre-made box and then printed out pictures of the pony which she then taped onto the box. Then she added a bunch of stickers. 

Maddy made it really easy and picked out the box kit from Target. 
This was pretty much my favorite thing ever. She just had to assemble it and stick on the sticker parts where she wanted them and it was done!

The finished boxes...

After their boxes were done they worked on the Valentines. 

On Valentines morning they came downstairs to a few gifts from Doug and I. 
Maddy got a small cat stuffed animal with a little candy and a small Lego set.

We gave Abi two My Little Pony books, a beanie boo, and some My Little Pony candy. 

We had Krispy Kreme Valentines themed donuts for breakfast.

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The Kings said...

Loved those pictures too! the girls did a great job on their Valentine boxes! And those donuts looked sooooo good!!