Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More moments from January and February

I went on a field trip with Abi's class to the children's museum at Thanksgiving Point. 
It was fun that I was able to just drive there with Abi in the car rather than having to ride the bus. 

We got to do a little private class first and then had a couple of hours to explore. 

I was responsible for 5 kids and I was exhausted by the end of it because while 4 of them were great (including Abi and her best at school Kaitlin) the other girl kept running off and disappearing. 
Abi and Kaitlin dressed to match. They do this a lot. 
After the children's museum we went to the close by dinosaur museum to eat our lunches. 

Maddy with the anime eyes she drew....

I picked up some of the Riley Blake Anne of Green Gables fabric...

Abi had a science fair project to do. She popped a bunch of different kinds of microwave popcorn to see which kind popped the most. 

When Abi was making her poster Maddy decided she wanted to make one too. 
So she made one for a book report at school. 

My mom taught Maddy how to cross stitch. 

Whenever my mom is around these two girls don't like to be too far away. 

I bought more fabric that was cheaper to go with the Riley Blake Anne line for a quilt. 

More snow!

My dad finally got his official move up to Lieutenant in the Navy. He actually earned this so many years ago before he retired but it somehow was never made official. Over the past couple of years they have been working with Senator Hatch's office to get it done. 
We all met at my sister's house and my mom pinned him!

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The Kings said...

Those pictures were great! I loved the one of me and the girls...and the pinning of dad's Lt. bars!