Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More family moments, February and March

Doug was able to go to a work conference in Orlando at Disney world and brought back some fun things for the girls. 
I let them wait up for him...

He had them close their eyes while he gave them their gifts. 
He brought the girl version of Duffy Bear, Shellie May for Abi.

Maddy is obsessed with all things cat and wanted a special mug so he brought her a Marie mug.

We got a new couch that is huge! We love it. 

The girls spent a few hours making a Beanie Boo magazine for me. 

I finally began and finished my Anne of Green Gables quilt. 

Abi bought the new My Little Pony book. 

Then she spent some more of her money on the new Starlight Glimmer Build a Bear.

Maddy decided she wanted to get the Promise Pets cat.

Brandon Mull published the first book in the new sequel series to Fablehaven, Dragonwatch. 
There was a big launch party and this time Abi came with my mom and I because she loved Fablehaven when we read it last year. 
They had a lot of fun free activities while we were waiting for it to start. 
She got her face painted. 

A unicorn of course!

The program was really fun!

Afterward Abi wanted to meet the girl that was dressed up as the fairy Shiara. 
She asked her to sign our new book.

Then we got in line for Brandon Mull to sign it.

We had some fun with props and signs. 
Abi loves unicorns. 

My mom posing with the book cover.

Doug's brother Mark and his wife Callie were finally able to go to Vietnam to get their little boy Quinn. We recently were finally all healthy enough to go meet him. 
He is such a cute, happy little guy.

My mom and I got tickets for Beauty and the Beast on the 16th. We got a ticket for Abi to come with us as well..
I tried to give her a Belle hairstyle for the evening.

I had to take a picture during the commercials beforehand with my Beauty and the Beast shoes and our recliner chairs. 
I loved the movie. It can't replace the original for me but I felt like it added a lot and I really enjoyed it.

Of course Maddy drew a lot.. these are her "Warrior Cats".


The Kings said...

Loved all the photos!! So enjoyed going to Brandon Mull book signing and getting books!! And loved going to "Beauty and the Beast" with you and Abi!! Loved the movie:-)

Donna said...

Fun post! I love your couch and the England pillows on it! And I'm jealous of your Beauty and the Beast shoes.

cheryl said...

Thanks! I love the couch and pillows and I adore my shoes!:)