Monday, March 13, 2017

Europe Adventure: Day Twenty-three, part two- Oberammergau

After leaving the castle we drove to Oberammergau. 
As we were leaving the castle area I had to pull over and get some more pictures of the area. It was just too beautiful. 

My mom took more pictures as we drove...

Oberammergau is a fantastic little town full of shops and beautiful buildings. 
We were heading to the Kathe Wohlfahrt store.

It is basically where all your Christmas decor dreams come true. 

We shopped for quite a while and bought a lot of things and then explored the village some more. 

Then we decided to get back to our hotel. 
The roads were amazing in Germany- so easy to navigate. And the tunnels were so cool. They had these huge fans in them that kept air flow going through. 

The welcome to Austria sign...

I think some of the above pictures were taken in the morning when we left but they were out of order so I am just leaving them as is. 
It was still afternoon when we got back to our hotel. 
We hadn't eaten lunch yet so we picked up some food in our hotel and took it back to our room.

They were sandwiches in pretzel type bread. 

We spent the afternoon packing up all of our stuff for the return trip to the US. 
At dinner time we ate in our hotel restaurant again.
Then we finished packing and just hung out. 

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The Kings said...

Such a wonderful day shopping in Oberammergau at the awesome shop and then enjoying the beautiful scenery on our drive...absolutely gorgeous!! I loved the resort we stayed very nice and such delicious food...all that at an Army base and Lodge!