Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More moments from our life- December/ January

The girls played "spy" for a few nights in a row. 
They dressed all in black with walkie talkies and were running all over the house trying to be sneaky. 
Whenever we saw them you would hear one of them yell "abort, abort!" over the walkie talkie. 

Maddy's tooth was insanely loose and yet wouldn't fall out. 
It was sticking out in a way that reminded us of Nanny McPhee. 

Maddy used most of her savings to buy a Hatchimal we happened upon in a Target one day.

We came home and she immediately unboxed it and started trying to hatch it. 
It took a pretty long time for it to hatch. 

She was really happy with her little creature once it hatched... have to say she hasn't played with it much since though. Every once in a while she pulls it out and has some fun but I think the hatching part is the most fun. 

Doug installed the stained glass that he made for me. 

The girls played in the snow a lot. Maddy isn't a huge fan. Abi loves it and was pretty much instantly out there whenever she could be. It's the only time of year that she is outdoorsy so I try to encourage it as much as possible!

At one point I looked out and saw her laying like this licking the snow. So funny. 

Maddy pulled out her own tooth. We were so happy to have the snaggletooth gone!

Abi shoveled the snow one night so Doug wouldn't have to do it when he got home. 

Lego was having a competition for a lego design. 
It just closed recently and I haven't heard anything so I have no idea who won but I loved her design. 
It is a library. 

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