Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some family moments from May and June

I didn't realize how little I had documented our life over the past few months until I looked at all of the pictures on my phone and realized it has pretty much been all trip and books!
So I will try to post some of my other photos over the next couple weeks in between the other posts to try to catch up!
So here are some of our pictures from the months of May and June:

Little Maddy...

Maddy playing with her shopkins when she was supposed to be packing them. 

If you remember, Maddy got the A award at school for accepting responsibility. 
In May Abi got chosen for an R leader for being an example of respect. . 
They are both excited that they each got chosen and now both have leader tee shirts. 

Abi's number one want from my trip was a hoodie that was like her best friend Elena's. 
Elena got hers in London. 
She was so excited whenever it was chilly enough to wear it so they would match...

Maddy loved reading the children's scripture book to us. 

Maddy her her first cavity. They used laughing gas on her but it didn't work. She played video games for a few minutes but pretty soon she was trying to sit up and take things out of her mouth as they were trying to do work. 
 So they had to stop work and make a new appointment to come in and do it under semi sedation.

Cute Abi. She is growing up too fast. 

The dentist gave them coupons for free donuts at Dunkin so we went over there and had some the next morning. 

As soon as it was warm enough we rode bikes. Maddy had no interest in riding hers until Abi hopped on it. 



We had a family reunion at my Grandma's house. Abi thought it was funny to steal my mom's chair.

 We started trying to find Book Scavenger books without any luck. 

Maddy listening to Daddy play the guitar while we were packing. 

Maddy had her second dentist appointment. She had to drink some medicine to get her really sleepy. We sat in a dark room together watching The Good Dinosaur while it kicked in.

When it was time to go in she woke up a bit. She was very groggy and went in and out of sleep. 

I got her a milkshake (doctor's orders) when we left. She then threw up in the car. So we got her cleaned up and then went home so she could relax and sleep it off for a few hours.

My mother's day gifts: (sideways)

The last day of school: 
Abi and Elena were sad for the last day as they knew they wouldn't be able to see each other much over the summer and would be at different schools next year. 

Last day baskets:

A few days after school Elena invited Abi to a movie. It was the first time I dropped her off to a movie with friends. Elena's mom was there with them.

Father's Day- we went with my sister and her family down to visit my dad to surprise him with some new flags for his flag pole- a new American flag and a Navy flag. 

 While I was unpacking the girls created new characters for themselves- the Beanie Boo twins. Then one day they decided to be the Beanie Boo Brothers. 
Video in later post!

May and June were crazy months full of crazy house buying and packing!
I feel like our life has been a big blur since then.


The Kings said...

Thanks for sharing those precious moments!

cheryl said...

You are welcome!