Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Meeting Susan Branch

 In May we had an awesome thing happen! 
I have loved Susan Branch's art and cookbooks for years. 
Then over the last few years I discovered her book about her trip to England and then her memoirs. 
Her second book in the memoirs was being released in May and she and her husband went on a book tour to promote it. 
I have wanted to meet her forever so I was so excited when I found out they were going to stop in Salt Lake City!
My mom, Abigail, and Madeline all wanted to go with me so we made it a girls night out. 
When we got to the venue I was surprised at how packed it already was!
We got seats in the back so we could sit on some soft benches. 
We were in a great spot because then we were able to see her when she came in!

 It was the cutest thing when Maddy noticed her. She stood up and waved and Susan noticed and waved back.

Susan was so fun to listen to. She spoke for a while and then took questions. 
Her husband was back by us a lot taking pictures of the event. There he is by Abi.

After listening to her speak it was time to go to the bookstore (they did the first part in the art studio next door) to get in line for the signing. 
It was a very long line and we were standing in it for a long time!
But we had a good time chatting and her husband Joe came by talking to everyone and signed our books as well. 
Finally we were meeting Susan!
She was very sweet. 
Maddy loves her because she is an artist and Maddy drew a picture that she wanted to show her. 
She asked her if she would sign it. And she did. It was so nice of her. 

 I had to get a picture of their cute van outside too. 

It was such a fun time! And I am so glad I finally got to meet her!


The Kings said...

Thank you for taking me with you! I am a new fan and so bought a book of hers there. It was a really good book signing! She was such a personable lady!

cheryl said...

I'm so glad you came! She is awesome.