Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Thirteen, Part Two- Tower Bridge and Shakespeare's Globe Theater

After leaving The Tower of London we walked by Tower Bridge to get a better look at it and take some more pictures. It is such a beautiful bridge. I love the colors!
A lot of people mistake this for London Bridge. They are not the same thing. 

We knew we were heading for Shakespeare's Globe next but instead of walking or taking the tube we decided to take a boat!
It was really fun to slowly go down the Thames being able to just relax and look at everything. 

After getting off of the Thames Clipper we walked down the road to the Globe. 

There is the Millenium Bridge!We will walk across that later!

The Globe!

We really wanted to see a play here but they weren't opening up until after we left so we settled for a tour. 
If you can call it settling. 
It was such a great tour.
We went through the main building first, bought our tickets, and looked over the display they had about the theater and about Shakespeare. We didn't have time to read every display but it was cool to see them and pick and choose a few that really interested us. 
Then we met our group for the tour. 
We were taken through the theater whilst being told about the history of the first theater that burnt and the building of the new one. 
We got to walk around the stage and also go sit up in the seats while our tour guide was talking to us. 
The stage was being prepared for their first play of the season- A Midsummer Night's Dream

It was a very interesting tour and well worth our time. 

Next up: More London!


The Kings said...

Love it ... love it ... love it!!! I got chills as I looked at all the pictures and re-lived that awesome day. I am really glad we decided to ride the boats...that was really fun!!

cheryl said...

Me too!