Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New House

In June we closed on our new house. 
It was such a crazy thing. 
We kind of started thinking about buying in the months leading up to my trip and even looked at a few houses but we figured we wouldn't really think about it until I got back. 
Then in the weeks after I got home we started looking at houses. 
I was getting frustrated with it because we weren't finding anything that felt right in our price range that didn't sell before we could even see it or while we were in it. 
It is definitely a buyer's market. 
Then one Sunday I decided to extend my looking to a city next to the one Doug works in (about 40 minutes from where we lived). This wasn't a place I ever imagined living even though it is a nice place and considered one of the best towns to live in the US according to a few studies. 
I found a house that I loved. 
I hadn't seen anything anywhere near our price range that looked the way I wanted it to on the outside. 
This one did. 
It was a little over so our realtor wasn't sure about it. But I persisted since it had been on the market two weeks.
She was showing us a house just around the corner from it too so she got us an appointment the next day. I knew immediately that I wanted it. I loved it. 
Doug did too. 
We told her to put in our offer. 
I didn't think they would accept it and she wasn't sure either but they did. 
Then before it was in writing they got another offer for more than ours. But they still picked us. 
We had prayed that if it was the right place for us everything would just work out. And that kept happening through the entire process. It was crazy how things just kept falling into place. 
We closed before the sellers so we had to wait a few days for them to close and then be out of the house. 
The day that happened we immediately went down to go inside and see it empty. 
Also we had a few rugs in the back of my car to put down!
The girls at the front door: 
(I will post a picture of the front of the house later)


The pictures will be a bit out of order and I will do another post later of the way we have set it up.
Maddy on the stairs in the family room. 

Family room: 

This is the formal dining room. But I made it into a library. 

Family room/ Kitchen

upstairs hallway

Maddy's room: 

Abi's room: 

Master bedroom:

The master goes into the master bath which then goes into the master closet: 

The master closet is connected to the laundry room which also is connected to the hallway:

The girls' bathroom: 

Hall closet:

Each side of the playroom has a little hideaway room.

looking from the top of the stairs by the bedrooms back toward the bathroom, laundry, and then playroom.

back downstairs looking from the family room to the front door. 
There is a closet on the left and then Doug's office, 1/2 bath on the right.

Doug's office: 

Little door to the crawl space: 

My library is also connected to the kitchen:


Off the kitchen there is a mudroom and the door to the garage: 

In the garage there is a door to a storage room. 

It has a nice sized back yard.

There is a big sandy play area that eventually will be a picket fence garden, a big shed, and a fire pit on one side. The rest is grass except on one side of the house is a big garden area that we plan on adding grass to so the grassy area will be bigger.

Back of the house: 

The first things to be put in the house were the rugs and the shower curtains. More pictures another day!


The Kings said...

I am so happy for you! It is a lovely home!

The Kings said...

So happy you are in your new and beautiful home!

cheryl said...

Thank you!