Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Learning: Geography- Japan

One of the first countries we visited for geography was Japan. 
We stamped the passports.

Abi wanted her hair to be put up with chopsticks. We didn't have any chopsticks so I improvised with craft sticks. 

We talked about all of the volcanoes in the ocean around Japan and then we made this little volcano erupt. 

It was so much fun that we did it over and over again. 

Then the girls colored Japanese fans. Well, our version of them. 

Then we spent a lot of time doing origami. 

We read "The Crocodile Bridge" from Around the World in 80 Tales. We got the book from the library and used it a lot. The little folk tales in it are really fun.

The girls wanted to do more origami so they went online and found a site with a lot of tutorials. 

Then we made candy sushi with marshmallows, fruit by the foot, and swedish fish. 

After a snack we painted cherry blossom trees using this water bottle. 

Then the girls asked if they could paint these Poke Balls that Doug had printed on a 3D printer at his friend's house. 

They designed their own kimono. 

The poke ball is dry!

We finished up the day by having fried rice, potstickers, and veggies for dinner. Very yummy. 

I think this has been a favorite day for all three of us.

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The Kings said...

You are amazing Cheryl...and make things so fun for the girls!